How Greater Toronto Area IT Support Companies Charge For Services in 2024 – Part 2 of 2

In this update, we continue to address a common query from potential clients: "How much do your IT services cost?" Our previous post covered common service models like break-fix and managed IT. Now, we delve into the actual pricing.

These pricing estimates are based on national averages from a recent survey by Service Leadership, a reputable consulting firm that specializes in analyzing financial metrics of IT service providers across Canada.

How To Get Out Of Overwhelm And Manage Projects Brilliantly (While Saving Money On IT)

Every entrepreneur and manager knows the drill – the never-ending tug of war for your time and concentration. Such demands are universal, impacting businesses of all sizes and industries.

While some leadership giants sail smoothly through these turbulent waters, maintaining an organized and efficient crew, many feel trapped and overwhelmed by the countless tasks before them.

What Is IT Support Exactly?

It’s 9AM Monday morning, and you’re trying to connect to the office from home. You’ve tried multiple times, but you keep getting the same error. Who do you call for support? The IT department or Bob in accounting who seems to know a lot about computers? Your business may have an official or unofficial IT department, but there’s usually a “go-to” person when you need help.

How big data can increase your profit

One of the biggest, buzziest phrases making the rounds in corporate circles at the moment is “big data”. But what does big data actually mean? What is it and, more importantly, what can it do for your business or organization? The good news is that it’s not just another tired old buzz word that actually […]

How data adds value to your business

We all know that data is valuable. After all, the more we know about the inner workings of our business and how our customers behave, the better. But knowing that data is crucial in helping to move your organization forward, and knowing exactly how to use that information to do so are two very different […]

Adding value to your company’s blog

Blogging has gone from being a fun side project for aspiring creatives to an absolute necessity for businesses of all sizes. For many companies, especially small to medium-sized ones, it’s likely to be just about the only web page that is updated with any regularity on their websites. And that’s why you need to be […]