10 Things Sentryon Does Better

We are the multi award-winning leaders in fully managed cybersecurity, cloud and IT services for small to medium-sized businesses in Toronto, Vaughan, and the GTA.

  1. We GUARANTEE a 60 minute response time to network emergencies
    Say your network takes a turn for the worse, like a server going down, for whatever reason. Our 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) will most likely be aware of it before you are, due to our advanced monitoring system, and we will respond within 60 minutes, GUARANTEED!
  2. We Give You a Live 24x7 Helpdesk
    Call as much as you like for technical assistance, it's all included. No more waiting hours for someone to call you back when you need help — our average wait time is just 3 minutes! And our helpdesk professionals can help you right over the phone, just call the toll-free helpdesk number provided when you sign up.
  3. We Use a Flat-Fee Pricing Structure
    This means you always know exactly what your IT support costs are each month, can effectively budget for it, and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month. It also means your staff can get support when they need it, without getting prior approval from management, saving time and increasing overall productivity.
  4. We Grow With You
    Our services are designed to scale with your company, in order to help your business grow smoothly. Our fixed-fee pricing model (see #3) allows you to easily understand the cost of bringing on an additional employee, for example.
  5. We Are 100% Proactive
    Unlike other IT companies that wait until something breaks so they can charge you more hourly fees, our goal is to make sure your computers don't break down in the first place (in fact, we get penalized if it does). So you can say goodbye to all that wasted time and lost productivity, and just relax knowing Sentryon's got your back.
  6. We are less expensive than a full-time qualified IT person
    Just run the numbers. By outsourcing your IT support to us, we can save you thousands of dollars a year in HR costs, salaries, vacation pay, benefits, social insurance and Canada pension. Even better, we provide you with a full IT department working around-the-clock for you, never going to sleep, never taking a holiday, never quiting and leaving you stranded.
  7. We actually document everything we do
    Most IT support companies we take over from haven't documented anything, and they certainly haven't shared it with the client if they did (mostly to create job security). Whereas we completely document your network in our client management system, and also put the information in a simple binder which is kept on-site. We also record the details of each service interaction, so we know exactly what was done, when, and by whom. Sure it makes it easier for you to leave us, but once you experience our Stellar Support™, we know you'll never want to go anywhere else.
  8. We are the ONLY computer support company offering a no-risk, 90 day, money-back guarantee
    When you select Sentryon as your outsourced IT provider, we will quickly put a stop to your daily computer problems, fortify your network so it's better protected against hackers and viruses, and just make it all work more smoothly. Then if, after 90 days, you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money — no questions asked!
  9. We maintain partnerships with IT industry heavyweights
    Our partnership roster includes the likes of Microsoft, Symantec, HP, Lenovo, Dell and OKI Data, just to name a few. This relationship provides us with access to technical resources not publicly available, higher level technical support, as well as training on the latest technologies as they come out.
  10. We believe in continuous improvement, including regular training for technical staff
    Most IT companies don't provide any sort of formal training to their technical staff, instead expecting them to gain knowledge by trial-and-error or studying on their own time. We, on the other hand, regularly send our staff to attend vendor technical training, industry seminars and other events. This results in happier staff for us, techs with current skills, and better overall results for our clients... a true win-win-win scenario!