Cloud-Powered Business Phone Systems and Phone Services

Ditch the local phone company and get a modern cloud-powered business phone system that is reliable, flexible, work-from-anywhere friendly, and enhances your company's professional image.

The days of employees being tied to their office desk phone are officially over! Employees today expect to be able to make and receive business calls from anywhere - while working from home, a coffee shop, or while travelling. And they don't want to use their personal cell numbers.

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Why are Toronto area businesses choosing Sentryon for their business phone systems and phone service needs?

Traditional legacy business phone systems are expensive to install, difficult to manage, inflexible, often can't be easily expanded, and tether employees to their desk phones. Often, simple changes like adding an extension require getting a technician on-site, which is slow and costly.

In comparison, Sentryon's modern cloud-powered business phone systems are the exact opposite. It works from virtually anywhere across multiple devices, including mobile phones, PCs and Macs, and desk phones. This means you'll never miss those important business phone calls no matter where you roam.

Business Class Telephone Services & Telephone Systems For Growing Businesses in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA.

Our cloud-powered phones give you unparalleled flexibility and mobility while eliminating long-distance and roaming charges. Every system we provide and manage comes with personal training for you and your employees as well as unlimited support for any problems that may arise. Sentryon's business phone systems are compatible with all smartphones, and our handsets from Yealink come with numerous features and a lifetime warranty.

  • Support - whenever you need it, remote or on site, for any phone related issues
  • Reduced operating costs vs. traditional phone systems and phone company lines
  • Variety of desk phones, meeting room phones, boardroom conference phones, and door phones available
  • Advanced features like call routing, automatic call recording, and much more
  • Training and tutorials for your new VoIP system

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Systems in Toronto

Q: Can we still get traditional desk phones?
A: Yes - we have a wide range of desk phones available, including special uses like reception, meeting rooms and boardrooms, and even guest or safety

Q: Do your phone system integrate with Microsoft Teams?
A: Yes- we can integrate with Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless experience, including provision of Teams-enabled desk phones and the Teams mobile app.

Q: Does it support hot desking?
A: Yes - we have solutions for companies that use hot-desking for staff to share workspaces.

Q: We still need fax capability. Do you support sending and receiving faxes?
A: Yes - for special use cases our virtual fax service can convert incoming faxes to PDF and deliver them to you anywhere by email, and sending faxes by email is also supported. No fax machine required!