Who We Are

Over two decades of dedication to helping small-to-medium-sized businesses use technology to protect themselves, improve productivity, and grow their bottom line.


Our company was founded in mid-2000 as 360 Systems Group, with a mission to serve the information technology (IT) needs of small businesses and corporate branch offices in the greater Toronto area (GTA), a segment which had long been underserved by the established IT service companies. In early 2011 the company name was changed to Sentryon IT Solutions in order to better convey what we do to the outside world.


By consistently investing in the best people, processes and tools available, we are able to provide our small business clients with a level of service previously only available to very large corporations. Over the 10-plus years since our founding, we have consistently evolved and expanded our service offerings to include virtually anything technology-related that a small business needs, and in the process have become our clients' trusted technology advisers.


Sentryon IT Solutions was founded by Geoff Anderson, who continues as our CEO. Geoff has always been passionate about technology from a young age, receiving his first computer, an IBM XT clone, at age 10. Later, Geoff received his formal post-secondary education in Computer Engineering, and founded Sentryon IT Solutions shortly after the tech-crash of 2000. By providing high-quality service at competitive prices, Geoff has helped the company to win business from all types of small businesses across the greater Toronto area.


More recently, we made the transition to a provider of flat-rate proactive IT management (or "managed services" in IT industry lingo) for small businesses. This massive shift away from the IT industry's traditional reactive model more correctly aligns our interests with those of our clients. We feel this model provides a better experience to our clients, while allowing us the financial stability to invest in the best - a true win-win scenario.


In the late 2000s and early 2010s a fundamental shift was happening to services being delivered right over the internet without any software installed on computers - it was sometimes called Web 2.0 or SaaS, but eventually got stuck with the name of "the cloud" from the way the Internet is depicted on a network diagram. The advantage of cloud services is lower upfront cost, as most are sold on a subscription basis, as well as access from virtually anywhere on any device. In short, it was a game changer, and Sentryon was at the forefront.


Sentryon had always been security-focused and implemented the latest protections to ward off intruders trying to break into its clients' networks. But in the early 2010s new threats emerged, and the phenomenon of ransomware reared its ugly head, which persists today. Ransomware was different because it simply encrypted data, making it useless, and then demanded payment to restore it to the original state. Again, Sentryon was at the forefront, offering the latest security advice and solutions to help keep its clients' safe.