Windows 10 Vulnerability Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Complete System Take-Over

Microsoft is warning all Windows 10 users that a previously unknown, and therefore unpatched, vulnerability is being exploited by cybercriminals. This is a new zero-day vulnerability and is rated as high (only one notch down from the top - critical) because it could allow an attacker to remotely execute code on a victim computer, and potentially take complete control of it.

Security Alert: Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft recently announced the discovery of a critical vulnerability in its Exchange Server products: attackers of any sophistication level can easily exploit these flaws. Microsoft has urged companies that use on-premise Exchange servers or have servers with “OWA” websites available to the internet for any reason to apply these fixes as soon as possible, as well as review their networks for any indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Owing to variations in how email is hosted, this exploit does not exist for organizations that have moved to Microsoft 365. Since the majority of our clients use Microsoft 365, only a handful of Sentryon IT's clients have been affected by this vulnerability.

Take, Edit and Share Screenshots with Snagit

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that truer than when collaborating with a team, or trying to explain something visual to someone not sitting right beside you.

Taking screenshots of your Windows or Mac desktop is incredibly useful, including for showing that strange error messages to your IT help desk that never pops up when they're looking.

5 Quick Tips to Avoid the WannaCry Ransomware Going Viral Across the Internet

Ransomware Security Protection in Vaughan, Brampton and Bolton, Ontario

You may have seen on the news recently that a new strain of ransomware (malicious software that locks down your files and then demands a ransom to restore access) called WannaCry was ripping through the Internet and infecting computers in high-profile organizations, including Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs, several branches of the U.K.'s National Health Service, and Spanish phone company Telefonica, just to name a few.