Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint builds on the Exchange collaborative model by allowing the creation of custom team-oriented websites to share information and work collectively on documents and tasks. Sites can contain any sort of information such as Word and Excel documents, task assignments, schedules and meetings.

SharePoint enables site content to be easily searched and provides document version as well as usage tracking. It can automatically alert users to when changes are made to documents or information on the site. Due to the creation of team-specific websites the complexity of sharing information through traditional fileservers is eliminated.

All of the site content can be accessed by Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Outlook integrates closely with SharePoint allowing the SharePoint event calendars to be viewed with personal calendars, and can also create meeting-specific workspaces. Additionally the sites can be viewed and customized by virtually any web browser including IE 6 and later, and Mozilla Firefox 1.4 or later.


Gives your team a centralized location to store documents, with versioning controls to help eliminate confusion and permissions to prevent unauthorized access.


Get unmatched collaboration with SharePoint. Team members can use forums, blogs, wikis, and more to share thoughts and information with each other.


No software to download. No server to maintain. No licences to manage. Hosted Sharepoint from Sentryon IT is easy and painless.


Create your SharePoint site to fit the needs of your team. Select from free site layouts and use only the tools you want.


Introduce your company to the world of modern collaboration. Share important documents and calendars with employees, vendors, and even customers.